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Mending The Gap

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Photo by Klara Pospisilova

In my previous post ( I had the privilege of discussing generational gap concerns with a fantastic young Millennia, and I can’t stop wondering if it is one which every generation has faced for centuries. The one that Baby Boomers currently face with Millennials may not be too dissimilar from what we faced in our twenties. However, it was handled in a much different manner.

Millennials tend to speak their mind more freely while we were a bit more observant to the wishes of our parents. However, I believe that the biggest issue we Baby Boomers have is that Millennials are handling it differently. We didn’t have the internet or cell phones and that made us more responsible. There weren’t all these modern conveniences making life easy and they should experience some of that. Well my grandparents didn’t have plumbing in their home and this week, my plumbing was out for only one day. I have no desire to go back to my grandparents days!

We must realize that things are different; just as things were different for us from what our parents had. Telling Millennials life was more difficult twenty years ago isn’t going to give them brilliant insight on what they are currently facing. The Millennials ARE the future and we need to work with them so theirs is a better world when they reach our age. Let’s embrace the differences and work through the struggles. That is how each gets a better understanding of the other. That is how the relationship is strengthened.

And yes, you Millennials; you will also need to embrace the differences. There are times when you may need hold your tongue and work a little harder at showing courtesy and respect. You can learn from our wisdom and refine it so that it works for you. As in any relationship, there will be difficult times, misunderstandings, and even exchange of heated dialogue but the victory of working through the struggle is a greater love and understanding. That is the legacy we should leave with our children. That will make the world a better place for us being here. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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