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Taking a Look at Censorship


Censorship is one of those controversial topics which many of us try and avoid. In fact, it ought to be included with the three other forbidden topics: religion, politics, and sex. Recently there have been strongly opinionated posts and comments surrounding what should or should not be censored on LinkedIn. Candice Galek has been at the subject of many.

She is a young entrepreneur who has grown her passion into a successful company. Bikini Luxe has become a major online store featuring women’s swimwear, accessories, and most recently added menswear to its offering. The self-proclaimed “Bikini Geek” wants to help women feel luxurious and tasteful every time they adorn one of her garments.

My first reaction was to jump on the censorship wagon but after writing three blogs specifically about Millennials, I decided to investigate further. What was her thought process and how did she reconcile her controversial marketing. To my surprise, she responded to my inquiry and here are some of her responses:

John: The video was very sensual, do you mind if I use the word sexy? When selling to women, does that type style work well for females?

Candice: Ok well, we try not to use the word sexy or nude (even the color!) on the website as we don’t want the Google bots thinking our website has anything to do with anything connected to porn. The video posted was not mine, but rather one posted by a supporter who wanted to draw attention to what was happening. It is a music video by Nazareth May The Sunshine. As social media is constantly streaming at us it is important to not make snap judgements. Take a few moments to click on someones profile before you blurt out whatever is running through your mind. Remember the internet is forever, and you should always guard your reputation with your life ( This is especially the case when you are on a business networking website.

John: I understand men are now buying their girlfriends bikinis and that may be a reason you are using this style, but –  and I say this truly with all due respect – some of the women’s movements  were quite sexual in nature. I can understand how some may be offended (of course, they can always stop watching the video) but do you think there is a bit of exploitation there? Maybe exploitation is a bit strong but I am really interested in learning from your viewpoint. Is there a way to be as effective without being that suggestive?

Candice: If my business were anything other than Bikinis and swimwear then of course I would agree with you. But being as what it is, no I do not feel the Women are being exploited. The human body is a beautiful thing, and while there is a fine line between art and “pornography” for lack of a better word. There is most definitely a line. The products are shown as they would be seen on the beach. It boils down to intention and context. Perhaps we Millennials are somewhat desensitized due to social media. Whatever the case, personally some of my best friends are 50 and 60 years old. They seem to be who I connect with the best. I feel that they have something that I can learn from and if there is one thing that I aim for in life it is to always be a student. Maybe I am not a normal Millennial, but whatever the case  when it comes to a one on one situation I would much prefer to sit an listen to someone 20-30 years older than myself and learn from their experiences and stories.

Call it what you may, I say these are intelligent, well thought-out responses and not someone looking to make a quick buck on a trendy fad. It is a perfect example of each generation learns from the other. It is how we make a better world in which we all partake. Thank you Candice. I wish you the best of success!

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