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The Kindness Factor

Tom Parsons Kindness

“The one sure thing about kindness is that there is never, ever enough!”

Take a look around and it’s easy to see how severed and polarized this world is becoming. It is as though some secret conspiracy has begun to disrupt and divide relationships, communities, religions, nations; and it’s doing a reasonably good job. The increase is so rapid that it appears to be without a remedy.

There is, however, something that all of us can do. Since we are all members of the human race, it is only reasonable and responsible that we feel obliged to make it a better world.

Ironically, it is understandable why so many sit back and watch this spectacle unfold. It is not too dissimilar from slowing down your car to peer at the aftermath of an accident; curiously looking but thankful we are not a part of it. But that assumption is incorrect and rather shortsighted . We ARE part of it!

We can no longer sit back and watch the struggle nor think we are doing our duty by picking up arms and taking up sides. These actions only fuel the fire.

The first step we can take is simple and certainly something in which all can participate and that is to begin by being kind. Kindness, as well as compassion, consideration, and humanity, are all qualities of which this world should never be in short supply. They are something upon which we can all continue to contribute on a greater scale and an essential step to changing this current tide of ugliness, name calling and perceived superiority .

Contrary to popular belief, it is not a show of weakness. In fact, it takes more fortitude to be kind rather than ruthless. Showing compassion in the face of adversity is a defining moment for character building while exuding anger or spite in the same circumstance takes no mental strength whatsoever.

The person with the loudest voice doesn’t win the argument. Similarly, logic alone doesn’t convince an opponent. Opinions don’t require reason and screaming at someone how uninformed they are is akin to extinguishing the fire with fuel. No matter how well-reasoned your judgement is, opinions aren’t changed by shouting and mocking the ignorance of others’ beliefs. It does however, instigate and energize a completely opposite reaction.

But when someone approaches you with a calm, gentle, and concerned voice, it has the ability to engage and initiate discussion. A non-threatening voice invites an environment of togetherness; one in which negotiation and reason can prevail. The quickest way to disengage and generate dissention is by increasing volume and resorting to name calling and other sarcastic behaviors.

Unfortunately there are too many contemporary examples of those emanating these behaviors. That somehow they are a show of strength and negotiation power when in reality, it shows an entirely different type of character shortcoming. That, however, will be the topic of next week’s article.

My thanks to Tom Parsons for the wonderful picture. Find out more about him on Instagram by clicking here. I look forward to your comments.

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